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Monday, July 25, 2005

Blogs Really Are Unique 

Contrary to David Coursey opinion, blogs are unique. They may become ubiquitous, but they are unique. And so are RSS feeds or subscriptions.

Blogs are unique for several reasons. First, the reverse chronological order of the postings with archives. This is contrary to most website though it may be like some columnists in newspapers. Second, it is open to anyone. While my blog is all over the place in issues, many serve a very small niche like a town or a technology or an idea. New blogs will rise as years go on. Third, you can subscribe to most blogs and read the content. News outlets generally only let you read a teaser.

Blogs are here to stay and are unique. And they won’t disappear. Magazines changed with the advent of television news, but they did not disappear. Too bad Mr. Coursey doesn’t know communications history better.


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Monday, July 18, 2005

Post Article on Podcasting 
Washington Post writes about podcasting today. “Podcasting, coined by joining the word "broadcasting" with the Apple iPod digital music player, is generally credited to former MTV video jockey Adam Curry and software developer Dave Winer, who created some of the key software and popularized the idea beginning last year. Subscriptions to podcasts are free to listeners.”
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Friday, July 08, 2005

John Gibson (Fox News) Should Be Fired 
“Fair” is the brand name Fox News uses. John Gibson’s hatred towards the French is unacceptable as Loic details. This is the type of nationalistic defamation that we are fighting in our War on Terror. This is certainly not fair, nor is it right.
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The Truth: The Brand Name 

What were the brand names that our forefathers used in drafting the Constitution? I pose the question as our nation positions itself for possibly two Supreme Court nominations and the continuation of the War on Terrorism.

I learned in school about our government through Patrick Henry and Daniel Webster because of their ability to debate and speak to issues. This is what is still taught on the yearly civics tests. However, every decade our nation moves away from rational discussion and into the marketing political process. Peace-Keepers, No Child Left Behind, War on Drugs, War on Terror, Liberals, Radical Religious Right, Red, Blue, Weapons of Mass Destruction, et. al. Presidential speeches are best known for brand names like Axis of Evil rather than leadership. The facts are hidden by the mosaic of political brand names spun in microcontent like blogs, political radio shows and televised news.

The truth is now The Truth – another brand name. Slogans, spin, tag lines, focus groups, talking heads, sound bite are now common words that our forefathers would not understand. Most people now understand that our civilization and culture is in now obsolesed by Corporate and Political Marketing. 

Let’s read about Freedom of the Press and All Men Are Created Equal, not just use the words.


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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Marketplace Model Doesn't Always Work 

Conservatives have an almost unwavering believe in “the marketplace.” While I agree that it works better than government regulation of businesses like trucking, I don’t believe that it is the best policy in several areas including health.

John Robb has been following global guerrillas and globalization for a while and his blog is excellent reading to counter the overly domestic US news media. He recently talked about Avian flu pandemic as another threat.

Robb pointed to the excellent article written by Sally O’Reilly as future blog posts in the midst of Avian flu pandemic during this upcoming winter . Full of facts (US vaccine capacity is one factory!) and links. It makes me think of buying a survival shack in the woods. This is a prime case where too much has been left to the marketplace and we need government.

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Friday, July 01, 2005

NPR Covers Corporation for Public Broadcasting 

Are they going to attack liberal arts as a college major next? CPB head secretly hired a consultant to monitor several shows on NPR. David Folken produced a radio story which is even better on the web because it includes Acrobat copies of the 58 page Overview along with other segments. So you can judge for yourself, not just take NPR’s word for it.

Bill Moyer on Al Franken show said it very well. You don’t get to the truth by having opposing talking heads spinning the story. You invite guest on to get to the truth – a journalist principle if I’ve ever heard one. So all this counting of liberal/conservative and pro/con Bush is not journalism but raw, ugly politics trying to corrupt the press.

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